What sets us apart:

  • Full traceability from conception to consumption
  • Our animals well-being is our first priority which gives you peace of mind
  • Dry aged meat and extra matured cuts of meat is standard
  • We do not inject tenderisers into our meat but let it tenderise the natural way
  • Only 100% good quality A-grade meat used in all processed products
  • Less shrinkage on end product
  • Healthy & value added high end products available
  • Boerewors and sausage with no added MSG, gluten or preservatives are available
  • Consistency due to traceability of breeding stock and butcher procedures, products will always taste the same
  • Better and true flavour – your meat tastes like it should!


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About Us


Michael (Micky) and Vikki Ker-Fox (nee Hope) were both working in the corporate world in Durban before they opened their butchery. Finding it difficult to source consistent, good quality meat and realising most animals had been farmed in crowded feedlots, given growth hormones and routine antibiotics made them question the system.  Consumers were also becoming more conscious about the production and traceability of the foods they eat. So, knowing the excellent quality stock and ethical farming practices of the Hope family, they decided to move to Richmond and use the foundation of the established family farm to create their business and started Hope Meat Supplies in November 2007, based in Richmond and delivering to Durban.  In February 2013 the retail shop was opened in Durban North at 17A Mackeurtan Avenue.  The shop stocks a full range of meat and deli products all sources from small, local suppliers.

Doing things “old school” with no short cuts and offering a healthier end product is what has given Hope Meat Supplies the edge and has piqued interest in what they do. Their first article in the Farmers Weekly was in 2008, they went on to win the 2010 Eat-In Magazine Paddock Fresh category for their Rump steak and had a four page article in the Food and Home in 2011.  


eat in award 2010
Winners of the Eat In Magazine Fresh Product Award 2010 Vikki & Michael Ker-Fox


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Dad in herd of cattle


Our beef is bred and raised on the rolling hills and mountains of Underberg. Free to roam and graze wherever they please creates a natural and stress-free environment for our animals, it also means that they build muscle naturally due to the terrain. During winter and drought and during the last few weeks before slaughter the animals diets are supplemented on maize grown on the farm.  Our breeder Graham Hope has over 40 years experience in breeding and raising cattle. The stock he has chosen to breed is a combination of Brahman, Charolais and Simmentaler. Graham's passion and expertise with livestock means we are assured of exceptional quality. He has won numerous awards for his beef, both on the hoof and the hook.

Throughout our animal's lives, the main priority is their wellbeing and health. As such they undergo the correct worming programmes, and if one of them should fall ill, they are treated with antibiotics. However, once they have been treated with antibiotics,  they do not come through Hope Meats butchery. Every week the stock is hand-pick for the butchery ensuring the cream of the crop. We use a local registered abattoir which is small enough to track carcasses.  The abattoir is situated close to the farm so there is no stress for the animals during transportation.  They are delivered first thing in the morning and we ensure they are the first to go through the system so there is no build up of adrenaline. They are checked by a health inspector and graded. The stock is delivered the next day to dry-age on the hook in our cold room. 



Our lamb is I’ll De France breed and are born and raised on grass in Richmond. They are a big breed of sheep and their growth potential, conformation and carcass quality make them a great meat breed.  They demonstrate remarkable mothering qualities and the quality of their wool is an added benefit of farming them. Lynne Hope is a registered I’ll De France breeder (Dawnford Stud) and takes pride in building her flock and breeding a stronger, healthier lamb each year. Her love for animals shows in the health and well being of her flock.



Our chickens are raised in the KZN Midlands. They are grain fed, free of growth promoters and reared in low density free range environment.  Feed does not contain any animal by-products and chickens are kept healthy with vitamins but do not receive any antibiotics. No lighting is used to force feed and the general health and lifestyle of the chickens are of the highest standards.   



Our pork is produced locally, the pigs are grain fed and free of growth hormones and antibiotics. Every carcass is inspected by a vet prior to being passed fit for human consumption. The pigs are kept in controlled low density environment and are free range.  They undergo a strict worming procedure as pigs are more susceptible to the spread of disease (measles & tapeworm).



From sausages to bacon, we supply a full-range of meat products. We offer a range of speciality products such as clove and coriander boerewors, gourmet rump patties, pork sausage and Moroccan lamb sausage which are gluten-free with no added MSG or preservatives. A few of our value-added products include rack of lamb, deboned lamb shoulder and lamb pinwheels.

All of our processed products are made with 100% A-class meat and there are no added “fillers” such as soya or MDM. Our boerewors and sausages are made using natural casings. High-end quality ingredients and lack of cost cutting practices (which jeopardises quality) is what has our customers coming back for more. We do not inject our meat with tenderiser but age it naturally to make it tender and bring out the best flavour. This also guarantees you a healthier end product with less shrinkage.