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Hope Meat Supplies, is a family owned free-range butchery with a special connection to the natural world. We take the welfare of our land and animals very seriously so you can taste the love, care, and attention that goes into all our grass-fed meat products. 

Established in 2007, and taken over by Tina & Ravee in 2017, Hope Meat Supplies offers a truly unique butchery experience out of KZN, offering organic-quality meat at everyday affordable prices. 

All our meat is bred in wide-open pastures and raised naturally without the use of hormones or antibiotics, just as nature intended. Our traditional approach to dry ageing meat is what truly sets us apart from commercial butchers, this guarantees you enjoy a delicious, wholesome, and consistent product every time.

We offer products that are gluten, preservative, and MSG free to ensure you get a taste experience as close to organic as can be, with multiple products being made in-house. 

The traceability of our products is something we pride ourselves on, we believe you deserve to know where the food you consume comes from, so all our products can be traced from the date of conception to the date of consumption.

Rooted in tradition, Hope Meat Supplies came to life on a tranquil farm in Richmond, deep in the Natal Midlands. The founders—Michael & Vikki Ker-Fox—found it difficult to source delicious, tender, natural top-quality meats that weren’t raise ‘the commercial way’.

In an effort to connect with the health-conscious consumer they went back to the roots of more traditional farming, Hope Farms. The Hope Farm family are fourth generation farmers with a devotedness to top-quality, natural meat meaning healthier livestock and happier consumers.

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We supply a wide-range of meat products, from dry-aged lamb and beef to speciality products that are gluten, preservative, and MSG free.

All processed meat products are made with 100% top-quality A-grade meat without the use of soya or MDM fillers. Our succulent boerewors and sausages are made with 100% natural casings and the best quality ingredients. None of our meat products are artificially tenderised, but agreed naturally to make it tender and enhance the natural flavours guaranteeing you a healthier more natural product that is healthier for you.

We also offer a variety of deli style products  from Farm Fresh Milk (with no growth hormones), farm butter, cheeses, cream, artisan breads, and more to make Hope Meat Supplies a one-stop shop for the health-conscious consumer.


We take our meat seriously. So we give our livestock a stress-free life with open pastures to graze in with lots of fresh grass, and nutrient-rich clover resulting in a deliciously natural flavour. 

Three months before being taken to the abattoir, the cattle is brought to the Richmond farm being treated with respect and fed only the best organically fertilised home-grown maize. A combination of maize and hay help the cattle gain weight which adds fat, taste, and marbling to the meat.

The cattle’s well-being is our top-most priority, as such all of animals undergo the correctly mandated deworming programs.


However, should an animal still fall ill, it will be treated with antibiotics but won’t pass through the Hope Meat Supplies butchery as to not compromise the quality of any other produce in the facility.

Our locally registered abattoir keeps track of all our livestock that pass through their doors, and is situated close enough to not cause the animals stress during transport.


All our cattle is butchered humanely and collected the next day to to dry-age on hooks in our cold room.


Our Île-de-France lamb is born and raised in the grassy pastures in Richmond by registered Île-de-France breeder Lynne Hope. Not only are Île-de-France sheep a big breed ideal for meat production, but they have exceptional mothering skills and high-quality wool that is an added benefit of farming them.


Given the high demand for our lamb, the Hope Farm isn’t our only supplier, we also source beautifully tender lamb from the Karoo. We are the only registered free-range supplier in Durban to not add growth hormones or antibiotics.


All our pork, poultry, and eggs are sourced from the Natal Midlands as well as other small-batch growers who all share a passion for quality, taste, and animal care. These farmers take pride in producing the best free-range produce for the niche health conscious market, for people who really care about what they eat.

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