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Niice Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Macadamia Oil

Niice Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Macadamia Oil


What is it? Extra virgin and cold pressed oil, only from macadamia

nuts. (We use the hydraulic pressing method so no chemicals

or solvents are used during extraction). It is a premium quality, all purpose cooking oil suitable for deep frying, sautéing, braaing,

baking, salad dressings, drizzling.


Size: 750ml glass bottles




Extra virgin, cold

pressed macadamia nut oil.


That’s all.


How do you use it? This multi purpose cooking oil is very stable

with a high smoke point of 210oC making it perfect for deep frying, stir frying as well as baking, salad dressings and marinades. High in heart healthy Omega 3 and 7 and cholesterol free, macadamia oil is neutral with a light nutty flavour.

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