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Niice Vegan Macadamia “Parmesan”

Niice Vegan Macadamia “Parmesan”


What is it?


Our 100% Vegan / Vegetarian dairy free and gluten

free plant based macadamia “parmesan” style cheese is

packed full of flavour.


Made with dry roasted macadamia nuts,

nutritional yeast and other spices, it adds flavour, depth and

salty umami to your dishes. High in protein, low in carbohydrates

and packed with vitamin B12.


Size: 100g nett, glass jars




Roasted macadamia nuts, nutritional yeast, garlic

powder, onion powder, Himalayan pink salt.

How do you use it? 100% plant based, this super tasty cheesey

alternative is delicious sprinkled over lasagne, pastas, pizzas,

gnocchi, gratins, roast potatoes, fried egg and egg dishes,

steamed or roasted vegetables, salads, soups and popcorn!

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